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Zuby’s Dance World is Canada's newest and most exciting international dance competition. We offer dancers a modern, completely unique, and exciting experience. Zuby's Dance World's passionate creative team has created for dancers the most talked about and truly memorable competitive dance competition experience that will inspire them creatively, inspire them as artists, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 


Do you want a one of a kind experience? A place to shine as a performer? An opportunity to grow as a dancer? Zuby’s Dance World is that place. At each and every Zuby’s Dance World competition we offer a highly talented world-class panel of judges, one of a kind trophies, cash prizes, and scholarship opportunities. Our mission is to promote the art of dance, provide a venue for dancers of all ages to showcase their talents and to encourage the passion that dance brings to life.           


When you join Zuby’s Dance World you can expect exceptional professionalism, excellent organization, and timely communication. Our host venues provide excellent lighting, sound systems, and carefully chosen spaces for rehearsals, dressing rooms, and prop storage. As an organization, and as dancers and entertainers ourselves we know all of the important elements that go into creating the best competition experience possible. We are confident that our experience and knowledge within the dance industry will shine through in all of our competitions and conventions. We aspire to be everyone's favorite dance entertainment experience and will continue to work hard to improve and grow. We cannot wait to have you join us at Zuby’s Dance World and provide you with a dance experience like no other.



About Us

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