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Zuby's Dance World Dance Off

To qualify for the Zuby's Dance World Dance Off, studios must have a minimum of 10 entries entered into the competition. 

In the Zuby's Dance World Entertainment Dance Off, qualifying studios will be represented by one competitive group routine to compete for additional cash prizes in each of the age divisions listed below. Please note the running of the dance-off and/or amount of prizes given is subject to change in the event of a small competition which is determined by the number of entries and/or competitive groups registered.

Junior Dance-Off – Junior  & Intermediate Division        Teen Dance-Off – Teen & Senior Division

A cash prize will be awarded to the Semi-Finalist, Finalist, and Champion in each of the 2 divisions.

The 1st place overall  Junior, Intermediate, Teen, Senior and Advanced competitive Solo's are invited to showcase their routine during the Zuby's  Dance World Dance Off!

Novice, Part-Time, Production, categories are not eligible to compete in the Zuby's Dance World Dance Off.

Should any dancer or group decide not to participate in the Dance Off once the final participants and/or have been posted, no other dance-off selections will be accepted and the dance-off will perform with the routines that have been posted. Also, once the final participants and/or performance schedule has been posted, changes to the selections will not be accepted.

A video of the top 3 winners in each Zuby's Dance World Dance-Off age groups, along with the showcased performance of the top overall solos and Zuby's Dance World soloist from  Junior, Intermediate, Teen, Senior and Advanced age groups will be posted on Zuby's Dance World YouTube Channel for viewing. 

Please encourage your students and parents to stay and support their fellow dancers in The Zuby's Dance World Dance Off! It will be an amazing evening of entertainment featuring SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCES and of course, performances by Zuby's Dance World Canada’s top dancers! The dance-off will be truly spectacular and a show not to be missed!


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