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Dance With Your Heart Your Feet Will Follow

ALWAYS HAVE FUN. Dance is fun, if you are having fun, then the audience will have fun too, lets have fun!

MAKE FRIENDS. Some of the friends you meet at the competition will become friends that last a lifetime, friends that dance together stay together!

SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Every studio is a team, and knowing you have a support system can make all the difference, a dance team is like family!

BE ON TIME. Be prepared, make sure to always check when you dance, make sure you are warmed up, stretched and dressed and ready to dance!

CHEER EACH OTHER ONThis is the one place you are allowed to yell and cheer, support other dancers they will do the same for you!

QUIET BACKSTAGEWhen entering backstage, make sure to keep quiet so that the dancers on stage can dance without distractions!

STAY OUT OF THE WINGS. If you can see the audience, they can see you. Make sure only the dancers on stage are what the audience can see, no distractions!

CHECK-IN BACKSTAGE. Make sure to check in backstage with Zuby's Dance World team stage manager to let us know you are backstage and ready to dance!

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else, I only try to dance better than myself." -  Mikhail Baryshnikov


Don't forget to ALWAYS thank your teachers and parents, they are also part of your team!


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