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General Rules

When you arrive please pick up your teacher’s package at the Zuby's Dance World merchandise table. :)

All routines are to report backstage to the Zuby's Dance World Stage Manager, 3 numbers before they are scheduled to perform. All routines are also expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. Out of respect of all the dancers and studios and their scheduled performance times, Zuby's Dance World will be enforcing a “No routine changes or holds onsite” policy. Therefore please be sure to review your schedule before it is finalized and make all necessary changes. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated to keep the competition running on time. The wrongful holding of numbers, not performing at your scheduled time and/ or not checking in with the backstage manager may result in disqualification.

Any other conflicts or changes noticed in the printed program upon arrival at the competition such as incorrect titles, or misprinted names of performers, should be brought forth to the producers at the announcer's table, or to the stage manager backstage.

Any routine not completed on stage has the option to re-perform for judge's comments only (time permitting) and not be placed within their category or qualify for overalls. In the event this happens in the Novice and Partime divisions, the dancer will be awarded its placing within its category however will not be qualified for overalls. Any routine not completed on stage due to technical difficulties by Zuby's Dance World will re-perform for adjudication and placement. Should the routine re-perform, it must dance before its scheduled adjudication.


Under no circumstances will videotaping or photography of any performance, in part or otherwise, be permitted by Zuby's Dance World. Photography is only permitted during award ceremonies. Theatre security and/ or Zuby's Dance World officials have the right to confiscate or delete any videos and photos taken of a performance, as well as confiscate memory cards or devices containing footage of a performance at a Zuby's Dance World event. This is to protect the work of the choreographers as well as the security and safety of the dancers performing on stage.

The producers of Zuby's Dance World trust the professionalism of the teachers that enter our competition to have good judgment on what every performer presents on stage to our family audience. However, any entry in any class and category, displaying suggestive movements, costuming, or musical selections with lyrics inappropriate for the age of the performers or our family audience, will be scored lower and/ or be disqualified.


All studio owners must either upload all music to the DanceBUG system prior to the scheduled event. Backup music files on a USB stick must be clearly labeled with the routine number, routine name as submitted for the program. Please have on hand back-up copies of your music selections.

Any use of helium balloons, sword and knife displays is strictly prohibited. Prop versions of these items are permitted. Under no circumstances are entries allowed to use theatre dwelling flats, lights or fly bars. Any substance that would affect the dancing surface such as liquid, gel, aerosol, food or glitter is prohibited unless specifically approved by Zuby's Dance World officials. Special pyrotechnics, smoke, water, fog, not permitted unless approved by Zuby's Dance World producers and/ or theatre technical staff. Substances used in routines which alter the condition of the stage or rehearsal room(s) without approval by Zuby's Dance World producers or Theatre staff can be subject to disqualification and/or a $100 fine being imposed if clean up is required and an unnecessary delay in the competition occurs. This includes but not limited to the use of an excessive amount of flowers, petals, and feathers that require a lengthy cleanup. To avoid disqualification and or fines, please contact us for approval and/ or to schedule the routine appropriately as to not delay the competition.

**PLEASE NOTE** For safety reasons, the use of baby powder or other assisting agents will not be permitted at any Zuby's Dance World location. Should Zuby's Dance World staff see this happening students will be asked to clean stage and/or remove footwear. (Rosin may be used, theatre permitting).

Any concerns or challenges regarding a routine can be brought to the attention of Zuby's Dance World producers by a studio director or teacher, before the awards ceremony for that routine. Under no circumstances are adjudicators to be approached by dancers, parents, studio directors, and their staff during the competition.

All decisions made by the adjudicators or Zuby's Dance World Producers are final.

Judges post-competition packages, awards, and music MUST be picked up from the Zuby's Dance World Producers after the competition. Any packages and awards left behind at the competition will NOT be available to be mailed out afterward.

All monetary awards will be given to the studio director, or to a teacher/ studio representative following the competition by cheque. It is at the studio director’s discretion how monetary prizes are distributed within the studio in accordance with studio policies. Zuby's Dance World Producers have the right to adjust monetary prize winnings based on the size of the competition.

Each studio will be designated a change room (space permitting). Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damage to venue change rooms.

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